Software to highly precise capture and remove lens aberrations (radial and tangential distortion, vignetting). Clearly enhances photos taken with cheap lenses. Calibration parameters are automatically calculated from pictures taken of a calibration-map. Thus suitable for all cameras and lenses. Due to EXIF-data support images (also 16 bit) can be calibrated in batch-mode. Calibration data analyze possible with additional license.

Publisher description

Software to capture and remove lens aberration with highest precision (radial and tangential distortion, vignetting). Enables a clear revaluation of photographs taken with cheap lenses. The calibration parameters are automatically calculated from pictures taken of a calibration-map. - Extreme precision (even takes manufacturing inaccurracies into account) - Supports consumer or high-end digital cameras (especially shift-lenses, too) - Access to data of already measured cameras/lenses - Detailed output of the residue distortion after the calibration enables a reliable tolerance determination - Batch image correction: just collect a list of images that shall be calibrated, select a destination folder, set the output options, and ImageIron automatically applies the calibration parameters according to the EXIF information (with preview) - Support of 16 bit color depth and camera RAW-data - Preserves all metadata (e.g. EXIF) and ICC data - Parameter analyze (additional license required): Clear distortion- and vignetting-parameter representation as curves and as diagram, as well as parameter export as table (e.g. for quality control and camera lenses evaluation) Excellently suitable for engineering purposes (development/verification of optical systems), architecture photography, preparation for photogrammetric applications as well as panorama photography!

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